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Replacement Stand

Replacement Stand

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What's included

Photo of Bubcam Baby Camera included in the box.
Bubcam Camera
Photo of Bubcam Baby Monitor included in the box.
Bubcam Monitor
USB Power Adapters
Photo of two power adapters included in the box.
USB-C Cable (1.2m)
Photo of a 1.2m USB-C cable included in the box.
USB-C Cable (2m)
Photo of a 2m USB-C cable included in the box.
Wall Mount
Photo of a wall mount included in the box.
Wall Plugs and Screws
Photo of wall plugs and screws included in the box.

Key features

  • Internet-free and runs on its own Secure Encrypted Network
  • Full-HD 1080p Camera and 5" LCD 720p Monitor
  • Two-Way High Quality Audio
  • Up to 300m of Range - Suitable for Multi-Storey Homes
  • Invisible Infrared Night Vision
  • Ambient Room Temperature Monitor
  • Up to 12 Hour Battery Life (Monitor)
  • Sound Detection & Alerts
  • Built-in Lullabies
  • 360-Degree Rotation, 65-Degree Tilt, and 110-Degree Camera Angle
  • Camera Zoom
  • Connect up to 4 Cameras
  • Record Clips onto an SD Card
  • Ability to Wall Mount
  • Voice Activation (VOX) with 3 Sensitivity Levels
  • Adjustable Screen Brightness
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Feeding Reminder
Replacement stand for back of Bubcam Baby Monitor. 

Please note: Replacement part fee covers shipping.
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Why choose us?
Australian Owned & Operated
Bubcam is proudly Aussie owned and operated! 🇦🇺
Fast and Free Delivery
Speedy delivery with Australia Post from our Gold Coast warehouse.
1 Year Warranty
For your peace of mind, Bubcam comes with a 1-year warranty.
Discover dynamic surveillance with Bubcam's 360° vision

Experience unparalleled monitoring with Bubcam's 360° Rotation, 65° Tilt, and 110° Camera Angle. Capture every moment with precision and enjoy complete nursery coverage with Bubcam.

Safe & Secure from Hackers
Bubcam does not require an internet connection and runs on its own secure encrypted network, ensuring only you can access the feed.
Up to 12 Hour Battery Life
Stay connected all day with our 3600mAh battery powered monitor, offering up to 12 hours of usage on a single charge.
Up to 300m of Range
Keep an eye on your baby from anywhere in your home. Multi-storey home? No problem.
Bubcam Day Vision demonstration
Bubcam Night Vision demonstration
Night Vision
Day Vision
See your baby clearly in the dark with night vision.

Enjoy peaceful nights knowing the Bubcam Baby Monitor offers advanced night vision. With its built-in infrared LEDs, you can see your baby clearly, even in the darkest of rooms. The invisible infrared technology ensures undisturbed sleep while still providing you with a crystal-clear view.

Connect and interact with high quality two-way audio.

Bubcam's two-way audio feature allows you to connect and interact with your baby effortlessly. Additionally, it offers an optional voice activation function with 3 sensitivity levels. This feature turns on the baby monitor only when your baby's voice is detected.

Room Temperature Monitoring
Stay updated on the ambient temperature in real-time to ensure your baby's comfort is maintained at all times.
Built-in Soothing Lullabies
Choose from a selection of gentle melodies, providing a soothing background for your baby's sleep or playtime.
Connect Up to 4 Cameras
Connect up to 4 cameras and watch multiple areas simultaneously, providing comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.
Bubcam baby monitor placed sitting on a bedside table.
Experience high-quality viewing

Bubcams Full HD camera captures every precious moment with unrivalled detail, clarity and precision. Our HD monitor coupled with the ability to record onto a Micro SD card ensures that you’ll never miss a milestone.

Stay up to date and secure

Bubcams firmware can be updated with a Micro SD card, so you can always stay up to date with our latest features and get the best security.

Bubcam baby monitor placed sitting on a bedside table.
Versatile Mounting Options for Any Room
Flexible Mount
With our optional flexible mount, easily attach your Bubcam to various objects.
Secure Wall Mount
Easily mount your Bubcam on the wall for a stable and elevated view of your baby's nursery.
*Refers to the average generic competitor
Full HD Camera
Rotates 360°
Flexible Mount
Two-Way Audio
Requires Internet
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