Setting Up

Here's how to set up your Bubcam in just a few easy steps:

  1. Charge your Bubcam Monitor with the included USB-C cable and USB power adapter for about 1 hour. The power indicator light shows a solid red circle when charging.

  2. Position your Bubcam Camera. Place it on a solid flat surface, or wall mount it, or use our flexible mount. Ensure it is positioned out of reach of baby or children.

  3. Connect your Bubcam Camera with the included Micro USB cable and power adapter. Your Bubcam will automatically power on.

  4. Power on your Bubcam Monitor by holding down the button for 2 - 3 seconds.

  5. Your Bubcam Monitor will automatically connect and pick up your Bubcam Cameras feed.

  6. All done! You can adjust your settings and preferences by pressing the button.

Wall Mounting

Wall mounting your Bubcam is easy:

  1. Place the mounting bracket on the wall with the tabs facing upward.

  2. Make sure the three holes on the bracket are level. The tabs on the sides should be at a 45-degree angle.

  3. Use the left and right screw holes on the bracket as guides to drill holes into the wall.

  4. Insert the provided wall plugs into the drilled holes.

  5. Screw the supplied screws into the wall plugs through the mounting bracket, ensuring the bracket is securely attached.

  6. Hold the base of the Bubcam and twist it clockwise until you hear and feel a click, indicating it is locked in place.

Flexible Mount

Easily attach Bubcam to your baby cot or crib with our Flexible Mount:

  1. Twist the supplied mounting bracket into the base of your Bubcam until you feel and hear a click indicating it is locked in place.

  2. Twist the flexible mount into the thread of the bracket until it is tightly secured.


Troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure the battery is charged or securely plugged in to a power source.

  • Check the supplied USB-C connection and make sure it is properly inserted.

  • Hold down the button for 2 - 3 seconds until the screen turns on.

  • Swivel the antenna on the top of the monitor, so it is upright.

  • If your Bubcam camera is mounted, ensure the antenna is upright.

  • Check the camera placement and make sure it is positioned within the recommended range.

  • Ensure there are no obstructions blocking the camera's view.

  • Adjust the camera angle or move it closer to the baby for better visibility.

  • Check the volume settings on the monitor and make sure they are not muted or too low.

  • Ensure that the microphone on the camera is not obstructed.

  • Check for any interference from other electronic devices in the vicinity and try to minimise them.

  • Make sure the camera and monitor are both powered on.

  • Verify that they are within the recommended range for wireless connection.

  • Restore the monitor to its default settings and attempt the connection again. You can do this by pushing the button, then select System Restore to factory settings.

  • Ensure that there are no strong Wi-Fi signals or other electronic devices nearby that may cause interference.

  • Relocate the camera and monitor to a different position to improve the signal strength.

Important Safeguards & Cautionary Information

Please take the time to read and understand these before using Bubcam:

DO keep your Bubcam monitor and camera out of reach of babies and children.
DO use only the high-quality power adapter and USB cables provided with your Bubcam.
DO position the monitor and camera in a suitable location for optimal viewing and monitoring of your baby.
DO ensure that the camera is securely positioned either on a flat surface or when using the provided mounting bracket.
DO keep the monitor and camera away from water sources and avoid exposing them to excessive moisture.
DO use the monitor and camera in accordance with the provided instructions and guidelines.
DO contact customer support for any technical assistance or queries related to the operation of your Bubcam.
DO NOT place the monitor or camera within the reach of children or infants. Ensure they are positioned in a safe and secure location.
DO NOT use your Bubcam outdoors.
DO NOT expose the monitor or camera to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, as it may affect their performance and durability.
DO NOT use the monitor and camera for any purpose other than monitoring your baby. They are not intended for medical or surveillance purposes.
DO NOT use the monitor and camera if any visible damage or defects are present. Contact customer support for assistance.
DO NOT submerge the monitor or camera in water or any other liquid.
DO NOT attempt to disassemble or repair the monitor or camera yourself.
DO NOT leave the monitor unattended while charging.
DO NOT charge the monitor on or near flammable surfaces.
DO NOT exceed the maximum recommended charging time of 8 hours. Avoid overcharging the monitor to maintain its battery health and longevity.